Addressing Common Issues with Apple CarPlay on Subaru Forester

Seamless connectivity is an expected feature in today’s world, and this extends to our vehicles. With technologies like Apple CarPlay, your Subaru Forester becomes an extension of your iPhone. It provides an intuitive interface and allows drivers to use various apps directly from the car’s infotainment system. However, like any other technology, users may encounter challenges, such as Apple CarPlay not working on their Subaru Forester. This article will explore the common issues with Apple CarPlay and provide effective solutions to overcome them.

Understanding Apple CarPlay in Subaru Models

Apple CarPlay is a revered technology currently available in new Subaru cars and SUVs. This feature transforms your vehicle’s infotainment system into an iPhone interface, enabling access to apps for music, maps, calls, messages, and more. For the 2023 model year, Apple CarPlay is available across all new Subaru models, making it easier for iPhone users to stay connected on the go.

Apple CarPlay integration is straightforward. You can pair your Apple iPhone to your Subaru vehicle in a matter of minutes, enhancing your driving experience with familiar apps and services at your fingertips.

Insightful Q&A on Subaru Forester’s Technology

Does the Forester come with a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Yes, the 2019 Forester model and onwards come equipped with Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. This feature needs to be set up by the owner and requires the purchase of a data plan. Subaru collaborated with AT&T to provide this service.

What are the functions of the overhead console buttons?

The overhead console buttons connect you with a Subaru STARLINK customer care advisor. The red SOS button links you with a live advisor for emergency assistance, while the blue button offers roadside assistance.

What distinguishes the STARLINK app from the MySubaru app?

The STARLINK app maximizes the multimedia capabilities of your Subaru vehicle. It feeds content like music and weather updates to your vehicle, enhancing your driving experience. On the other hand, the MySubaru app is primarily for STARLINK remote safety and security services, such as remote lock/unlock and remote start functionalities.

Solving CarPlay Issues After iPhone Updates

CarPlay issues can be challenging to troubleshoot due to the various car systems involved. If CarPlay isn’t working after a recent iPhone update, it’s likely an issue with the vehicle’s infotainment system. You should ensure your vehicle’s firmware is up to date, and it may be helpful to consult your car’s manual for additional information.

Here are some quick tips to get CarPlay working again:

  1. Enable “Allow CarPlay While Locked” in your iPhone’s CarPlay settings.
  2. Reset the infotainment system.
  3. Verify that Siri is on or toggle “Hey Siri” off and back on.
  4. Try using a different USB port or cable.
  5. Disable any Screen Time restrictions on your iPhone.
  6. Ensure both WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled under iPhone Settings.
  7. Toggle Bluetooth off and on or disable Bluetooth entirely when in your vehicle.
  8. Delete old Bluetooth connections that are no longer used.
  9. Remove any vehicles from CarPlay settings that you no longer use or need.
  10. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.
  11. Ensure your CarPlay stereo has the latest firmware from the car manufacturer.

Addressing Specific CarPlay Issues

Below are solutions to some specific CarPlay issues:

Black Screen Problem

This is a common issue with iPhone X series users, where the display remains black, but the audio and touch functionality work fine. The most effective fix for this problem is to turn off the car and perform a hard restart on the iPhone.

CarPlay Issues with iPhone XS/XR and the Latest iOS

Some iPhone XS users continue to experience CarPlay issues even after updating to the latest iOS. However, a workaround involves connecting the phone to a USB charger, keeping the battery fully charged, which seems to alleviate CarPlay problems.

Spotify Not Working with CarPlay

Some users find that Spotify no longer works with CarPlay after updating their iOS. Although the music plays, opening the Spotify app in CarPlay only brings up a black screen. Closing and reopening the Spotify app or unplugging and plugging the iPhone back in can often solve this issue.

Final Thoughts

Apple CarPlay provides an innovative solution for integrating your iPhone’s functionalities into your Subaru Forester’s infotainment system. Although you may encounter issues like CarPlay not working, the troubleshooting methods and fixes outlined in this article should help you get back on track and continue enjoying this seamless connection. Remember to keep your iPhone and vehicle’s firmware updated for the best CarPlay experience.

Now, you can drive your Subaru Forester with the comfort of having your iPhone’s functionalities at your fingertips, ensuring a safe, convenient, and enjoyable ride.

How to fix Apple CarPlay not working in Subaru Forester?

Fixing Apple CarPlay issues in a Subaru Forester involves checking your iPhone’s settings, the car’s infotainment system settings, and possibly updating the firmware. Steps include ensuring that ‘Allow CarPlay While Locked’ is enabled, resetting the infotainment system, verifying that Siri is on, and trying a different USB port or cable.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a technology that allows your vehicle’s infotainment system to operate like an iPhone interface. It enables you to access apps for music, maps, calls, messages, and more, directly from your car’s system. Apple CarPlay is available in most new Subaru models.

What to do if Spotify isn’t working with Apple CarPlay?

If Spotify isn’t working with Apple CarPlay, try closing and reopening the Spotify app or unplug and replug your iPhone. There might be an issue with the Waze and Spotify integration when using CarPlay. Turning off the integration in the Waze settings may fix the Spotify issue in CarPlay.