Why Your Blink Camera May Not Be Recording

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Welcome back to the world of technology troubleshooting! In today’s guide, we are going to explore the reasons your Blink camera might not be recording, and what you can do to remedy this common problem.

Subscription vs. Non-Subscription Plans

First and foremost, it’s crucial to determine if your Blink camera is operating on a subscription plan or a non-subscription plan. Subscription plans generally guarantee recording when motion is detected, while non-subscription plans offer no such guarantee.

Interestingly, if you have one camera on a subscription plan and others not, those without a subscription might cease to record over time. They will synchronize with the subscription settings, and non-subscribers are not supposed to have a camera system that records with movement.

Placement and Views

Your placement of cameras, whether on a tree, mailbox, or elsewhere, can significantly impact what they capture. Placing wireless cameras in different areas, like a tree, can provide an excellent view of the property’s perimeter, giving you a more well-rounded picture of your security landscape.

Troubleshooting Non-Recording Cameras

Sometimes, one or two cameras might stop working under the subscription plan. Here are the steps to diagnose and fix this issue:

  1. Check the App: Open your Blink app and check if your system is armed. If disarmed, it will not record. Look for the blue running man symbol, indicating the motion detector is operational.
  2. Motion Detection: In settings, ensure motion detection is enabled, and zones are covered. Check the sensitivity and make sure motion recording is enabled.
  3. LED Status: Depending on your needs, you can control the status LED, allowing it to be visible or hidden when recording. This feature can serve to deter or discreetly capture unwanted activities.
  4. Camera Range and Connection: If the camera is too far from the movement, or if there are issues with the batteries or Wi-Fi connection, it will not record.

Finding the Right Security Solution

Understanding your security needs will help you select the right camera system. Blink may be suitable for general needs, but those requiring 24/7 recording should explore other options.

Resources Mentioned

  • Blink App: Used to monitor and control the camera system.
  • Subscription and Non-Subscription Plans: Affect the recording functionality.
  • Placement Strategies: Can optimize views and coverage.
  • LED Status Control: Provides flexibility in recording notification.


Blink cameras offer a versatile solution for those looking to secure their property. Understanding the nuances of subscription plans, camera placement, and troubleshooting can help users get the most out of their system. Stay tuned for more insights on the Blink camera, and don’t forget to explore other options if you have specific security requirements.