Fixing the Flashing Blue Light on Firestick Remote: A Comprehensive Guide

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A common issue that many Amazon Firestick users face is the persistent blinking blue light on their remote control. This typically happens when the remote is searching for the voice command of Alexa. In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step process to fix this problem, ensuring a hassle-free experience with your Firestick remote.

Key Points to Understand the Issue

  1. The Blue Light Indication: The flashing blue light indicates that the remote is actively searching for voice command recognition, specifically related to Alexa.
  2. Possible Causes: This could be due to miscommunication between the remote and the Firestick device.
  3. Importance of Troubleshooting: Addressing this issue is essential to enjoy uninterrupted control over your Amazon Firestick.

Step-by-step Process to Fix the Issue

Step 1: Hold the microphone on the remote to where Alexa can hear you, and hold that for 10 seconds. Check if the blue light turns off.

Step 2: If the first step doesn’t work, hold down the home button for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Should the above steps fail, remove the batteries from your Firestick remote, then unplug the Firestick HDMI from the TV and the wall. Let it sit for about 20 seconds.

Step 4: After 20 seconds, plug everything back in and let the Firestick boot up on your TV. Put the batteries back in the remote and hold the home button down for 10 seconds.

Step 5: If none of the previous steps work, restart the device by holding down the select button (big round button in the center) and the play/pause button simultaneously for five seconds.

Step 6: If the issue persists, purchasing a new remote may be the final solution. Remotes are available on Amazon for around $20.


Fixing the flashing blue light on the Firestick remote is usually a straightforward process with the above steps. If you encounter any challenges, don’t hesitate to refer back to this guide or consider purchasing a new remote as a last resort. Make sure to subscribe to Helping Hermit for more helpful tips!

Resources Mentioned

  1. Amazon Firestick Remote: The primary control device for Amazon Firestick, priced around $20 on Amazon.