Everything You Need to Know About Android Auto 8.1: A Comprehensive Guide

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Android Auto has quickly become an essential feature for Android users, offering a seamless integration between their smartphones and their vehicles. In this guide, we will explore all the aspects of Android Auto, its features, and how to use it effectively. Whether you are a new Android user or an experienced one, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about Android Auto 8.1.

Connecting Your Phone

The first step in using Android Auto is to connect your phone to your vehicle. While some cars offer wireless connectivity, it is recommended to initially connect your phone using a USB cord for a seamless setup process. Simply plug your phone into the USB port using the appropriate cable for your device. Once connected, you will be prompted to unlock your phone and accept the terms and conditions of Android Auto. After completing these steps, you can disconnect the USB cord, as Android Auto will now function wirelessly with the Bluetooth connection.

Navigating the Interface

Android Auto offers a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and access to various apps and features. The home screen consists of a dock at the bottom, which includes a home button and an app drawer button. Tapping the app drawer button will display all the available apps on Android Auto, while the home button will take you back to the previous app.

Below the dock, you will find an audio widget that provides controls for your music or podcast playback. It also includes a logo button that takes you directly to the respective app, such as Spotify. On the right side of the screen, there is a button for music curation, which suggests playlists and other audio options based on your preferences.

Notifications and Google Assistant

Android Auto also integrates notifications and Google Assistant for a seamless and hands-free experience. Any incoming text messages or notifications will appear at the top of the screen, allowing you to read or respond to them without distractions. Google Assistant can be accessed through the microphone button on the interface, which enables you to ask questions, control smart home devices, and perform various tasks using voice commands.

Google Maps and Navigation

One of the key features of Android Auto is its integration with Google Maps, providing users with accurate and real-time navigation. The maps display both satellite imagery and traditional map views, giving you the option to choose your preferred visual representation. Android Auto also supports other navigation apps like Waze, offering traffic updates and the ability to report incidents along your route.

Additional Features and Apps

Apart from the core features, Android Auto offers a range of other apps and functions to enhance your driving experience. The app drawer contains a list of available apps, with a favorites section that suggests frequently used apps. You can also access your phone’s contacts and recent calls, make direct calls, and manage your voicemail within the Android Auto interface.

Other Android-specific apps available on Android Auto include the weather app, which provides brief weather information through Google Assistant, and a reminders app that allows you to set reminders for specific tasks. Additionally, you can access news app, which launches Reuters TV through Google Assistant, offering news updates in an audio format.


Android Auto 8.1 is a powerful tool that allows Android users to seamlessly integrate their smartphones with their vehicles. With its user-friendly interface, integration with popular apps like Google Maps and Spotify, and hands-free features like Google Assistant, Android Auto offers a safe and convenient way to stay connected while on the road. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make the most of Android Auto’s features and enhance your driving experience.

Remember, Android Auto is continuously evolving, with new features and improvements being added regularly. Stay up-to-date with the latest updates and enjoy the convenience and connectivity offered by Android Auto 8.1.