Find Deleted Reddit Posts: A Comprehensive Guide

find deleted reddit posts
find deleted reddit posts

Reddit is not just a website; it’s a community where ideas are exchanged, knowledge is shared, and connections are formed. However, finding deleted Reddit posts can sometimes become a challenge for users. In this guide, we will provide multiple ways to find deleted Reddit posts, ensuring that you never miss out on valuable content.

Introduction to Reddit’s Deleted Posts

Reddit is a vibrant platform that caters to different tastes and interests. But what if a post you want to revisit has been deleted? Understanding how to find deleted Reddit posts is essential, and we’ll explore the methods in detail.

The Phenomenon of Deletion on Reddit

Deletion on Reddit is common, but why does it happen? And more importantly, how can we find deleted Reddit posts? These questions form the basis of our guide.

Understanding Why Posts Get Deleted

The process of deletion on Reddit is not random. Posts are deleted due to:

  • Admin Removal: Sometimes, administrators remove posts that violate Reddit’s rules.
  • Moderator Removal: Moderators can also delete posts that do not align with a specific community’s guidelines.
  • User Self-Deletion: Users themselves can delete their posts for various personal reasons.

Various Methods to Find Deleted Reddit Posts

Finding deleted Reddit posts is not impossible. Below are methods to unearth these hidden treasures.

1. Google Cache: A Quick Way to Find Deleted Reddit Posts

A simple method to find deleted Reddit posts is by using Google’s cache. By searching for the post and accessing the cached version, you can view content that was once deleted.

2. Archive Sites: The Treasure Trove for Deleted Content

Various archive sites specialize in finding deleted Reddit posts. From Unddit to the Wayback Machine, these platforms can be your key to discovering hidden content.

3. Deleted Reddit Post Recovery Tools

Several websites are dedicated to Reddit recovery. With tools like Removeddit and Resavr, finding deleted Reddit posts becomes a breeze.

4. Browser Extensions

Using Chrome extensions like “Un-Delete Reddit Comments,” you can save posts and access them later, even if they’re deleted.

Understanding the tools available to find deleted Reddit posts can be an asset.

1. Unddit

This is a convenient way to view deleted threads and comments on Reddit.

2. Reveddit

An effective tool to view threads deleted by moderators but not by users.

3. Reddit Search by Unddit

If you remember some words from a deleted post, this tool can find deleted Reddit posts for you.

4. Resavr

Specialized in deleted comments, Resavr can be your go-to for finding removed content.

5. The Wayback Machine

A classic internet tool that might have archived the content you want to read.

6. Google Cache

Google’s own cache system can retrieve recently deleted content on Reddit.

Remember to use these methods responsibly, understanding that some posts may have been deleted for legal or ethical reasons.

YouTube video

How to Find Deleted Reddit Posts: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding deleted Reddit posts has been a common query for many, and this week’s episode of QA Weekly hosted by Steve explores the answer to this intriguing question. Can you access deleted Reddit posts? Indeed, it is possible, but several factors come into play such as how long the post was up, why it was taken down, who took it down, and if it is still cached. In this article, we’ll discuss three accessible tools that require no downloads or installations, making the process of locating those deleted Reddit posts as straightforward as possible.

1. Utilize Google’s Search Engine

The first tool, familiar to most, is Google’s search engine. By searching on Google or any version of Google, you may be lucky enough to find the deleted Reddit post within the search engine results. The challenge may arise when it directs you to the most current page, where deleted comments may not be present. However, many search results offer a drop-down option to access cached versions of the same page. This feature allows you to find some of the more popular posts that were indexed, given their profiles were public. Hence, using Google alone, you can locate deleted Reddit posts that have been indexed.

2. RevEdit – A Simple Search Engine

The second tool, referred to as RevEdit or RevEdit, operates as a search engine at its core. It’s designed to find anything that has been cached and probably deleted by the user, provided it has been online for at least the minimum required time to yield a result. Accessible through, it’s an uncomplicated tool that is very simple to use. It serves as an alternative to finding deleted Reddit posts that meet certain criteria.

3. Push Shift Reddit Search

The third tool, known as Push Shift Reddit Search, is available at It offers an even more uncluttered interface that delivers just what you need. This search engine allows you to access deleted Reddit posts, provided they were online for a specific duration, were public, and not deleted by moderators. Its straightforward design makes it a reliable choice for those seeking to access Reddit’s deleted content.

Conclusion: Reddit as a Timeless Resource

In conclusion, accessing deleted Reddit posts is attainable using the above-mentioned tools. The process depends on various factors including the duration the post was online, the reason for deletion, and the availability of cached versions.

By learning how to find deleted Reddit posts, you tap into a timeless resource. Reddit becomes a goldmine, rich with content that can be revisited and explored.


What are some common reasons for Reddit posts getting deleted?

Reddit posts can be deleted due to admin removal, moderator removal, or user self-deletion.

How can Google Cache be used to find deleted Reddit posts?

Google Cache can be used to find deleted Reddit posts by searching for the post on Google and accessing the cached version.

What are some popular tools to access deleted content on Reddit?

Popular tools include Unddit, Reveddit, Reddit Search by Unddit, Resavr, the Wayback Machine, and Google Cache.

Can browser extensions help in finding deleted Reddit posts?

Yes, Chrome extensions like “Un-Delete Reddit Comments” can save posts and access them later, even if they’re deleted.

Is it important to consider legal and ethical guidelines when trying to find deleted Reddit posts?

Yes, it is essential to use these methods responsibly and understand that some posts may have been deleted for legal or ethical reasons.

What are archive sites, and how can they be used to find deleted Reddit posts?

Archive sites like Unddit and the Wayback Machine specialize in finding deleted Reddit posts. They can be key tools for discovering hidden content.