Guddu Episode 01 – [Eng Sub] – Ali Abbas – Fatima Effendi – Sohail Sameer – 18th Aug 2022

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In the first episode of the drama series “Guddu,” we are introduced to the main characters Nayab, Ibad, and their families. The episode revolves around Nayab’s excitement for her upcoming wedding and Ibad’s secret arrival. As the story unfolds, we see their love and dedication towards each other, as well as the challenges they face. This article will delve into the details of the episode, highlighting key moments and character dynamics.

The Opening Scene

The episode begins with Nayab running outside the house, apparently in a hurry. Her sister-in-law, Noreen, questions her about her unusual behavior, and Nayab quickly dismisses it, claiming nothing is wrong. However, her evasive behavior raises suspicion in Noreen’s mind.

Nayab’s Secret Revealed

Nayab’s secret is soon unveiled when Ibad arrives, hiding outside the house. The couple shares a sweet moment, expressing their love for one another. Nayab is worried about her brother and sister-in-law finding out about Ibad’s presence, but Ibad assures her that everything will be fine.

The Misunderstanding

As the episode progresses, a misunderstanding arises between Zaheer and Ibad regarding money. Zaheer questions Ibad about some cash he found, assuming it is part of the wedding expenses. Ibad cleverly handles the situation, revealing that he earned the money himself and invested it in their future. Zaheer realizes his mistake and understands Ibad’s intentions.

Sisterly Bonding

Meanwhile, Nayab’s sisters, Saima and Sidra, are found preparing for the wedding. They discuss the dresses and responsibilities, with Sidra feeling overwhelmed. Saima tries to convince Nayab to show their dresses to Nayab, but she declines, fearing her brother-in-law’s disapproval.

Nayab’s Emotional Moment

Nayab shares an emotional moment with her brother, Sohail, as they remember their parents. Sohail expresses his happiness for Nayab and her future with Ibad, assuring her that their parents would have been proud of her. Nayab is moved by his words and feels their love and support.

The Conflict

As the family prepares to leave for the wedding venue, a conflict arises between Naveed and Sidra. Naveed’s inappropriate behavior towards Sidra upsets her, and she shares her grievances with Saima. Saima promises to handle the situation and confront Naveed about his actions.


In the first episode of “Guddu,” we witness the love and challenges faced by the characters. Nayab and Ibad’s relationship is tested, but their dedication and love for each other shine through. The episode sets the stage for future conflicts and emotional moments, leaving the audience eager to see how the story unfolds.

Overall, “Guddu” Episode 01 establishes the main characters’ dynamics and introduces various plot elements that will shape the story. The audience is left wanting more, curious to see how the characters navigate their relationships and overcome obstacles.