How Do I Change My Country on the App Store: The Ultimate Guide

how do i change my country on the app store
how do i change my country on the app store

In today’s digital era, many people find themselves wondering, “How do I change my country on the App Store?” Whether you’re relocating to a new country or just trying to access different content, the App Store’s country-specific nature can be both a blessing and a challenge. This guide will break down the process, benefits, and potential issues of changing your country on the App Store, helping you make an informed decision.

The Complicated Terrain of Changing Your iTunes or App Store Country

Understanding the Problem

Every country operates a distinct version of iTunes or the App Store. Changing your Apple ID to another country does not only change your access to apps and media, but it also implies losing access to all previous purchases. It’s not as simple as a click, but we will guide you through it.

The Payment Method Dilemma

Having a valid payment method for the country you’re switching to is a major challenge. For instance, an Australian credit card won’t work in the US App Store, requiring a local card. This can be a significant hindrance if you’ve relocated permanently and your previous payment details have expired. But is there a workaround? Let’s explore further.

Is Creating a Second Apple ID Account the Answer?

Benefits of Multiple Accounts

With two distinct accounts (e.g., one for Australia and one for the US), switching between them is easy. It doesn’t require changing payment information.

  1. Sign out of iTunes and the App Store on your device.
  2. Sign in again using the second account.
  3. Voila! You can now access all the content from that country, including previous purchases.

The Drawbacks

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Creating a second account splits your purchases, requires separate email addresses, and if you lose access to one account, you lose all purchases made with it. So, what’s the best path for you?

Preserving iTunes and App Store Purchases from Different Countries

If preserving previous purchases is essential, be sure to download them to your device before changing your account. You may also make an iPhone backup on a computer, selecting the option to back up all data to your computer. This foresight ensures you won’t lose access to your original purchases.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your iTunes and App Store Country

Option 1: Altering the Country Settings for iTunes and the App Store

If you are relocating permanently, or just want a complete switch, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Cancel any existing subscriptions, like Apple Music or Apple TV+.
  2. Leave your Family Sharing group, unless you’re the organizer.
  3. Spend any remaining credit in your Apple ID account.
  4. Download the media you’ll want in the future.
  5. Ensure a valid payment method and billing address for your new country, and add them to your Apple ID account.
  6. Follow the instructions specific to your device, be it iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Option 2: Crafting a Second Apple ID for Another Country

For temporary switches or avoiding the payment method issue, this option is ideal.

  1. Sign out of your current Apple ID.
  2. Create a new Apple ID for the desired country.
  3. Confirm the new country by adding a billing address and verifying your email address.

Utilizing iTunes Gift Cards

Without a local payment method, iTunes Gift Cards can be your ally. Purchase one for your new country and add credit to your account. Learn all you need before buying to avoid any pitfalls.

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How to Change Your Country on the App Store: A Simple Guide

In this article, you’ll discover the simple method to change the App Store country on your iPhone. Many users assume this setting is located within the App Store app itself, but in reality, it’s found in the iPhone settings. Changing the country or region of your App Store might be necessary if you’re relocating or want access to apps exclusive to specific regions. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make the process as easy as possible.

1. Accessing the Settings

To change your App Store country or region, you must first go to the settings app on your iPhone. Instead of looking inside the App Store app, you’ll need to tap your name at the top of the settings menu. From there, access iCloud and select the “Media and Purchases” option.

2. Viewing Account Options

Once you’re in the “Media and Purchases” section, choose the “View Accounts” option. A drop-down menu will appear, where you will find the option for “Country and Region.” Selecting this will allow you to change your country and region settings.

3. Addressing Subscription and Payment Issues

If, instead of the country and region option, you see a page saying you have subscriptions, you must first cancel those subscriptions. The payment method for your country must match the billing address you have set up. If you need to change the country and region, you’ll have to jump over to the subscriptions section and ensure all active subscriptions are canceled. After that, manage your payment methods to make sure the payment method corresponds with the country or region you’re selecting. For instance, a US-based payment method must match the US as your region setting.

4. Finalizing the Change

After ensuring that the payment method and region match, and your subscriptions are appropriately handled, you’ll be able to change your App Store country or region settings on your iPhone. Once done, press “Done” to finalize the change.

Changing the country or region in the App Store on your iPhone is a fairly straightforward process that involves a few essential steps. By navigating through the iPhone settings to iCloud, Media and Purchases, and then managing any active subscriptions or payment method discrepancies, you can easily update the country or region. This guide is meant to simplify the process and assist iPhone users in making this change effortlessly. If you found this guide helpful, please give it a thumbs up, and feel free to explore further iPhone tips and tricks.

Conclusion: Navigating the App Store Country Change

Whether it’s a permanent move or a temporary change, understanding how to switch your iTunes or App Store country is crucial. Know the pros and cons, have a plan, and make the best choice for your needs.

Remember, if it’s a permanent change, alter the settings; if not, create a second account. Always back up your previous purchases, and you’ll sail smoothly through this digital transition.


How can I change my country on the App Store?

You can change your country on the App Store by altering the country settings or creating a second Apple ID for the desired country. Make sure to follow the specific instructions for your device and have a valid payment method for the new country.

What is the problem with changing my country on the App Store?

Changing your country on the App Store may result in losing access to previous purchases and requires a valid local payment method, which can be a significant challenge.

Can I use iTunes Gift Cards instead of a local payment method?

Yes, you can use iTunes Gift Cards for the new country to make purchases without needing a local payment method.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of creating a second Apple ID?

The benefits include easy switching between countries without changing payment information. The drawbacks include splitting purchases and the risk of losing access to one of the accounts.

How can I preserve my previous purchases when changing countries on the App Store?

To preserve previous purchases, download them to your device and make an iPhone backup on your computer.

Is it feasible to change my country on the App Store permanently?

Yes, it is feasible to change your country on the App Store permanently by altering the country settings, but you must consider the challenges such as payment method and preserving previous purchases.