How Do I Download Uber App on My iPhone? A Comprehensive Guide

how do i download uber app on my iphone
how do i download uber app on my iphone

Uber is revolutionizing the way we travel, providing both tech-savvy users and those new to smartphones with convenient options for booking rides. In this article, we’ll answer the question: “How do I download Uber app on my iPhone?” We’ll also explore Uber’s latest features, including its new phone booking service.

Introduction to Uber’s New Service

Starting May 17, Uber has made it even easier for riders in the U.S. to request a ride. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can simply dial 1-833-USE-UBER and follow these steps:

  • Call the given number.
  • An agent will ask for your name and credit card information.
  • Receive a text message confirming trip information.

This groundbreaking service allows more people to enjoy Uber’s safe and reliable rides.

How Do I Download Uber App on My iPhone?

Are you wondering, “How do I download Uber app on my iPhone?” Here’s a step-by-step guide:

For iPhone Users

  1. Go to App Store: Open the App Store on your device.
  2. Search for Uber: Type ‘Uber’ in the search bar.
  3. Install: Tap ‘Get’ and then ‘Install’. Enter your Apple ID or password if required.
  4. Open: Once installed, open the app and get ready to ride!

Note: Requires iOS 13.7 or later.

Downloading Uber App on Android

For Android users, the process is just as straightforward:

For Android Users

  1. Open Google Play Store: Tap the icon.
  2. Search for Uber: Type ‘Uber’ and select the appropriate result.
  3. Install: Tap ‘Install’ and accept permissions.
  4. Open: Once downloaded, tap ‘Open’ to begin using.

Signing Up for an Uber Account

Now that you’ve learned “How do I download Uber app on my iPhone?”, it’s time to sign up:

  1. Open the App: Tap to open Uber.
  2. Tap Register: Located in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter Details: Fill in your name, email, mobile phone number, and a password.
  4. Add Billing Information: You can use a promo code or pay with PayPal.
  5. Complete Registration: You’re ready to use Uber!

Common Issues and Solutions

Encounter problems? Here’s what to do:

  • Can’t download on iPhone?: Unplug, reboot, and try again.
  • Can’t install on Android?: Clear browser cache

Uber Alternatives and Comparisons

Looking for alternatives? Check out Lyft, which is, on average, 10% cheaper than Uber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve answered some common questions, including “How do I download Uber app on my iPhone?”:

  • Can I get Uber on iPhone 6?: Yes, but requires iOS 13.7 or later.
  • Can you pay Uber with cash?: Yes, select Cash in the Payment section.
  • What’s the cheapest Uber ride?: Uber Pool.
  • Can I use Uber If I don’t have a smartphone?: Yes, via
  • How long does it take to get approved with Uber?: Up to 10 days.
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How to Download the Uber App on Your iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to download and install the Uber app on your iPhone? The Uber app, renowned as a ride-sharing application, is remarkably easy and straightforward to download on your iPhone. All you need is a stable internet connection, either through strong Wi-Fi or cellular data, and you’re ready to embark on this simple journey. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through every step of the process to download the Uber app, from ensuring your internet connection to adding the app to your home screen.

Step 1: Ensuring Internet Connection

Before initiating the download process, make sure that your iPhone has an active internet connection. A strong Wi-Fi connection or cellular data is essential for downloading any apps, including Uber. Once the connection is confirmed, you’re ready to proceed.

Step 2: Navigating to the App Store

Look for the App Store app on your iPhone, a default application, and open it. At the top corner of any page, you’ll find your profile icon. Click on the profile icon to verify that you’re signed into your Apple ID. If you’re not signed in or need to create a new account, you can do so for free, but remember, an Apple ID is mandatory to download any apps.

Step 3: Searching for the Uber App

Once you’ve signed in, head over to the search page and look for Uber. Among the results, you should see “Uber – Request a ride.” Verify that this is the correct app by checking its 5.7 million ratings. Click on the ‘get’ button to begin the download process.

Step 4: Verifying Identity

During this stage, your phone might prompt you for various verifications such as your phone’s passcode, Apple ID, touch ID, or face ID. Follow the instructions accordingly.

Step 5: Downloading and Installing

After verification, the app will start downloading. You’ll notice a spinning sign, followed by the download process. Depending on your internet connection, this might take a minute or two. Patience is key here – clicking on the app during this stage will pause the download.

Step 6: Adding to Home Screen

Once the download completes and the grey shade clears up, press and hold the app icon to add it to your home screen. This ensures that you won’t have to swipe to the last page to find the app every time.

Step 7: Clearing Storage if Needed

If you encounter storage issues, delete some unnecessary apps, photos, or videos to clear up space for the Uber app.

Step 8: Opening the App

Finally, click ‘open,’ and the app will launch, ready for you to get started. You can now create an account and request a ride with ease.

Downloading the Uber app on your iPhone is as easy as following these straightforward steps. Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or a novice, this guide will assist you in getting the Uber app up and running on your device. So, why wait? Start enjoying the benefits of ride-sharing with Uber today! If this guide was helpful, please make sure to hit the like and subscribe button. See you next time!


Uber’s new features make it accessible to everyone. Whether you’re asking “How do I download Uber app on my iPhone?” or prefer to book via a phone call, Uber has options for you. Happy riding!


How do I download Uber app on my iPhone?

Open the App Store, search for Uber, tap ‘Get’ and then ‘Install’. Enter your Apple ID or password if required, and open the app once installed.

What is Uber’s new phone booking service?

Uber’s new phone booking service allows riders to request a ride by dialing 1-833-USE-UBER. An agent takes your details and sends a confirmation text.

Can I pay Uber with cash?

Yes, you can select Cash in the Payment section of the Uber app.

How do I download Uber app on Android?

Open Google Play Store, search for Uber, tap ‘Install’, accept permissions, and tap ‘Open’ to begin using.

Can I use Uber if I don’t have a smartphone?

Yes, you can book a ride via the web at []( or use the new phone booking service.

How long does it take to get approved with Uber?

It can take up to 10 days to get approved with Uber as a rider.