How Many Likes On Tinder Per 12 Hours? The Ultimate Guide

how many likes on tinder per 12 hours
how many likes on tinder per 12 hours

In the fast-paced world of modern dating, Tinder stands out as a prominent platform that has transformed how people connect. A prevalent question among Tinder users is how many likes on Tinder per 12 hours they can receive or send. This comprehensive guide aims to answer that question in detail, shedding light on the mechanics of Tinder’s like system and how to optimize your profile.

What Are Tinder Likes And How Do They Work?

How Many Free Likes Are There?

Understanding the free likes on Tinder can help you strategize your swipes. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Males: Around 50 free likes every 12 hours.
  • Females: Usually more than males. The exact number may vary, but females often receive more likes.

What About Super Likes?

Super Likes are special likes that make you stand out. Once, Tinder offered five daily Super Likes with paid subscriptions. Now, it’s shifted to five free weekly Super Likes.

Insights Into Popularity On Tinder

How To Increase Your Likes On Tinder?

Achieving an “optimal” number of likes on Tinder is influenced by several factors:

  • Men’s Behavior: Statistically, men swipe right more, impacting likes distribution.
  • Profile Quality: Including high-quality photos and a witty bio can significantly boost your likes.
  • Test Your Profile: Experiment with various profile settings to gauge what attracts more likes.
  • Enjoy the Process: Keep swiping light-hearted; it’s meant to be fun!

Viewing Your Likes On Tinder

Want to see who’s liked you? A golden number indicating your likes will display at the bottom of the app. To see clear shapes, you’ll need Tinder Gold. Remember, the counter stops at 99+ likes.

Why Is There A Limit On Tinder Likes?

Reasons For The Limitations

The like limit may seem frustrating, but there are reasons:

  • Encouraging Quality Matches: Limiting likes promotes thoughtful swiping.
  • Protecting the Community: This stops bots and those who like excessively.
  • Pushing Premium Service: Encourages users to upgrade for unlimited likes.

Going Unlimited With Likes

For unlimited swiping pleasure, consider Tinder Premium. This opens up a world of features to enhance your Tinder experience.

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How Many Likes on Tinder Per 12 Hours: An Analysis

Analyzing the case of a 24-year-old individual who has been on Tinder for 128 days provides valuable insights into the app’s mechanisms. With a whopping total of 59,760 swipes, equating to an average of 467 swipes a day, it’s clear that this user is heavily invested in the platform, even opting for a gold subscription. Surprisingly, out of all the swipes, only 183 were left swipes, amounting to swiping right on an incredible 99.97% of people. From these right swipes, 342 matches occurred, leading to 162 chats but no dates. This example serves as an eye-opener, highlighting both the intensity of engagement on Tinder and a call to question the efficacy and genuine opportunities the platform offers.

The sheer volume of swipes and the significant investment in the gold subscription reveal the earnest quest for connection. The observation of this user swiping right on nearly every profile is striking, only swiping left on a minuscule 0.03% of people. Yet the return on this investment is debatable. Out of the 59,577 right swipes, only 342 matches materialized, leading to a 162 chat conversion. The lack of a single date from these efforts raises questions about the value of the platform for genuine connections.

Tinder’s mechanics provide a challenging landscape for those seeking meaningful relationships. While the 342 matches from a vast number of swipes might not seem entirely discouraging, the subsequent conversion into actual interactions is lacking. For every individual who swiped right on the user, a substantial 173 swiped left. The platform’s intricate mechanics and intense competition often lead to disappointment and disillusionment for many.

In conclusion, the data extracted from this real-world example paints a picture that can be both daunting and disheartening for Tinder users. The ratio of effort to reward is skewed, and the user experience can quickly become a laborious task with minimal tangible returns. The narrative we’ve explored illustrates the pitfalls of relying too heavily on Tinder as a viable avenue for building relationships. It’s a story that emphasizes the importance of considering alternative ways to connect and, perhaps, a reminder to invest in real-life interactions over digital swiping.


The question of how many likes on Tinder per 12 hours reveals insights into how Tinder operates and how users can optimize their experience. Whether you have 50 or 100 free likes, focus on creating an appealing profile and enjoy the swiping process. Quality should always triumph over quantity. Happy swiping!


How many free likes does Tinder offer per 12 hours?

Males receive around 50 free likes every 12 hours, and females usually receive more than males.

What are Super Likes on Tinder, and how many do you get?

Super Likes are special likes that make you stand out. Tinder has shifted from offering five daily Super Likes to five free weekly Super Likes.

How can you increase your likes on Tinder?

Improving profile quality, experimenting with different settings, and keeping the swiping process enjoyable can boost likes on Tinder.

How do you view your likes on Tinder?

A golden number indicating your likes appears on the app, and for clear shapes, you’ll need Tinder Gold. The counter stops at 99+ likes.

Why is there a limit on Tinder likes?

The limit encourages quality matches, protects the community from bots, and encourages users to upgrade for unlimited likes.

What are the benefits of Tinder Premium?

Tinder Premium offers unlimited swiping and additional features to enhance the Tinder experience.