How to Add Your Instagram Link to Your YouTube Channel

how to add instagram link to youtube channel
how to add instagram link to youtube channel

Looking to integrate your Instagram with YouTube? You’re in the right place! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly link your Instagram to your YouTube channel, maximizing your online presence and engagement. Plus, discover some bonus tips on how to optimize your Instagram bio with YouTube links!

  • Enhanced Brand Promotion: Connecting Instagram with YouTube offers a holistic brand experience.
  • Audience Engagement: Direct your YouTube viewers to your Instagram feed for more personal interactions.
  • Centralized Content: Provide followers with multiple avenues to consume your content.

Step-by-step Guide to Linking Instagram to YouTube

1. Prep Your Instagram Details

  • Locate your Instagram username.
  • For mobile users: Open Instagram > Tap profile icon (bottom right) > Username is top left.
  • For desktop users: Visit Instagram > Click profile icon (top right) > Username is top, beside profile picture.

2. Begin the YouTube Linking Process

  • Log into YouTube.
  • Click on the profile icon (top right) > Your Channel.
  • Tap the blue ‘Customize Channel’ button.
  • Navigate to ‘Basic info’ tab.
  • Under ‘Links’, click ‘Add Link’.
  • Enter ‘Instagram’ for the Link title and your Instagram URL for the URL field.
  • Hit ‘Done’ > ‘Publish’.
  • Channel: Guide dedicated Instagram followers to your main YouTube page.
  • Video: Link a specific video, ideally the most popular, to cater to interested followers.
  • Playlist: Offer followers a collection of videos centered on a particular topic.

But, how do you fit multiple YouTube links in one Instagram bio? Here’s where the “Link in bio tool” shines! Create an Instagram landing page with all YouTube links. For instance:

  • Direct YouTube Link: Limited in number and requires browser-based interaction.
  • Landing Page Link: Unlimited YouTube links with seamless app integration. Higher user satisfaction with more views!

How to Craft an Efficient Instagram Landing Page

  1. Leverage Ready-Made Templates: Platforms like Taplink offer instant templates.
  2. Add YouTube Links: Use ‘Social Network’ and ‘Link’ blocks to integrate various YouTube content.
  3. Customize Your Page: Edit blocks, add visuals, or include texts to enhance user experience.

With your Instagram landing page set, the final step is linking it to your Instagram bio, making your YouTube content accessible for your IG audience!

YouTube video

In this content, we’ll explore a streamlined way to integrate an Instagram link into your YouTube channel. Whether you want to broaden your online presence or connect with your audience on multiple platforms, this simple guide will walk you through the steps on how to link your Instagram profile with your YouTube channel. Trevor, a seasoned tech expert, shares the steps to do this seamlessly. Let’s delve into the process right away!

Finding Your Instagram Username

  1. Access Instagram: Start by opening your Instagram app.
  2. Tap the Profile Icon: Located at the bottom right of the screen, this allows you to view your profile.
  3. Identify Username: Note down your username displayed at the top of the profile page; you’ll use this to retrieve the link to your profile.
  1. Open Safari or Chrome: Use your browser to navigate to, replacing “your_username” with the one noted earlier.
  2. Copy the Profile Link: Tap on the address bar to select the URL, then hit copy.
  1. Navigate to YouTube: Open another tab and head to
  2. Request Desktop Site: On Safari, tap the ‘aaa’ at the bottom left. On Chrome, tap the three dots and select ‘request desktop site’.
  3. Access Your Channel: Tap your profile at the top right, then choose ‘your channel’.
  4. Customize Channel: Click the blue ‘customize channel’ button.
  5. Zoom in and Select ‘Basic Info’: Find the ‘basic info’ section and scroll to ‘links’.
  6. Add Instagram Link: Tap ‘add link title’, name it as ‘Instagram’, and paste the copied URL.
  7. Publish: Hit the ‘publish’ button at the top right to finalize.

Congratulations! You have successfully added your Instagram link to your YouTube channel. Now, whenever someone accesses or views your channel, they will be able to directly visit your Instagram profile. This integration fosters greater connectivity and offers a more enriched experience to your followers. Trevor’s insights into this process make it quick and easy for even a novice to follow. Feel free to explore this, and do check out Trevor’s other insightful tutorials.

Final Thoughts

Bridging Instagram with YouTube is more than just linking two platforms. It’s about creating a cohesive online persona, improving user experience, and ensuring your audience has every tool at their disposal to engage with your content.

Ready to dive in? Enhance your digital footprint now by linking your Instagram to your YouTube channel!


Why should I link Instagram to YouTube?

Linking Instagram to YouTube enhances brand promotion, audience engagement, and provides centralized content for followers.

How do I find my Instagram username?

For mobile users, open Instagram, tap the profile icon, and find the username at the top left. For desktop users, visit Instagram, click the profile icon, and find the username beside the profile picture.

How can I link my Instagram to my YouTube channel?

Login to YouTube, click on ‘Your Channel’ > ‘Customize Channel’, navigate to ‘Basic info’, click ‘Add Link’, and enter ‘Instagram’ for Link title and your Instagram URL for the URL field.

What are the best practices for linking YouTube to Instagram bio?

You can guide followers to your main YouTube page, link a specific video, or offer a playlist. Use tools like landing page links for unlimited YouTube links with seamless app integration.

How can I craft an efficient Instagram landing page?

Utilize ready-made templates, add YouTube links through ‘Social Network’ and ‘Link’ blocks, and customize your page with visuals and texts to enhance user experience.

What are the benefits of an Instagram landing page with YouTube links?

An Instagram landing page with YouTube links allows unlimited connections with seamless app integration, providing higher user satisfaction and more views.