Revamping Your Typing Experience: A Comprehensive Guide to Enlarging Your Android Keyboard

When you consider the digital landscape and its constant evolution, one element that is fundamental to the user experience is the keyboard. It’s the primary tool we use to communicate, search, and interact with our Android devices. For some, the default keyboard size on Android devices may be a little too small, leading to typing errors, discomfort, or difficulties for those with visual impairments. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to enlarge the keyboard on your Android device, improving your typing accuracy, comfort, and overall experience.

Whether you’re using a Samsung device, SwiftKey, Gboard, Fleksy, or any other Android device, this article will walk you through the steps to adjust your keyboard size. The objective is to make typing a more comfortable and error-free process, especially for those with larger fingers or vision issues. We’ll also introduce an application designed to maximize your phone’s screen space for the keyboard, ideal for those who struggle with small keys.

Adjusting Keyboard Size on Samsung Devices

Samsung, being a dominant player in the smartphone industry, offers devices of various sizes and dimensions. This diversity in device dimensions means that the keyboard layout and size may not always be ideal for every user. Thankfully, Samsung allows users to easily adjust the keyboard size, providing a more customized and comfortable typing experience. Let’s walk through the steps to adjust the keyboard size on your Samsung device.

The first method involves adjusting the keyboard size directly from the settings. Samsung offers a multitude of customization options, allowing you to increase the keyboard size quickly. Alternatively, you can use Samsung’s Good Lock module, Keys Cafe, to further customize and increase the keyboard size. This is particularly useful if you find the default maximum keyboard size still too small for your liking. Not only can you increase the overall size, but you can also adjust the size of specific keys, making this feature incredibly versatile and user-friendly.

Resizing Your SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is another popular keyboard used by many Android users. Known for its swipe-to-type feature and personalized predictions, SwiftKey also allows you to resize the keyboard. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking both functionality and comfort in their typing experience.

Enlarging the keyboard in SwiftKey involves a few simple steps within the app settings. You can select the height and width that suits your typing needs. Whether you need a wider space for more comfortable typing or a taller keyboard for easier reach, SwiftKey lets you adjust according to your needs.

Modifying the Gboard (Google Keyboard) Size

Gboard, Google’s own keyboard, is another popular choice amongst Android users. While it’s known for its glide typing, voice typing, and inbuilt Google search, Gboard also recognizes the need for a customizable keyboard size. Unlike Samsung and SwiftKey, Google separates the adjustments for keyboard width and height, allowing for a more flexible customization.

Enlarging the keyboard on Gboard involves adjusting the keyboard’s height through the app’s preferences. You can choose from several options ranging from short to tall, depending on your preference. Additionally, Gboard also offers a one-handed mode, which not only makes one-handed typing easier but also allows you to resize the keyboard.

Resizing Your Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy keyboard is known for its speed and customizability, offering users a unique and efficient typing experience. Among its many features, Fleksy also allows users to resize the keyboard, making it another great option for those needing a larger keyboard.

Resizing the Fleksy keyboard is a straightforward process. Simply go to the Size tab in the app settings and choose from three sizes—big, medium, and small. This not only helps with accuracy but also provides a more comfortable typing experience, especially for those with larger hands.

General Tips for Enlarging Keyboard on Android Devices

Enlarging the keyboard on your Android device is not only about comfort but also about functionality. A larger keyboard reduces the chance of typos and increases typing speed, especially for those with larger fingers. Adjusting the display size, enabling one-handed mode, or using floating mode are some methods that can be used to resize the keyboard on your Android device.

Apart from adjusting the keyboard size, you can also consider third-party keyboard applications that offer resizing features. SwiftKey and Grammarly Keyboard, for instance, allow users to adjust their keyboard sizes. Each has its own method of resizing, providing users with flexibility and options to suit their typing needs. Furthermore, an app specifically designed for individuals with poor vision or larger fingers uses the entire phone screen space for the keyboard, offering an enlarged typing area.


Typing is an integral part of our interaction with our Android devices. Whether for communication, web search, or creating content, having a keyboard size that aligns with your comfort and needs can greatly enhance your overall experience. This comprehensive guide provides the steps to adjust keyboard sizes across different platforms and devices, ensuring a comfortable and efficient typing experience for all.

Remember, the goal is not to adapt to your device, but to adapt your device to your needs. So go ahead, adjust your keyboard size, and make your Android device truly yours.