Jabra Elite 75T Headphone or Earphone Problem

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The Jabra Elite 75T wireless headphones are a popular choice among motorcyclists due to their sporty design that can handle perspiration and some wetness. In this account, Shannan Shanahan, a motorcyclist himself, shares his journey on how he fixed his headphones after a heavy rain incident that left them almost cactus (non-functional).

The Problem

Shannan was caught in a downpour that left him drenched, forgetting that his Jabra 75T Elite headphones were in his motorcycle pants pocket. The headphones were soaked, and after drying them, they worked for 30 seconds before the right earphone’s volume dropped, and the left one continued to function properly. The battery case was also affected.

Step 1: Initial Investigation

Shannan discovered the battery case couldn’t be charged, and online forums confirmed this issue. He bought a new battery case and transferred the headphones, but the problem persisted.

Step 2: Temporary Solution

After sticking the old charging case and headphones in a drawer for months and buying a new pair, Shannan accidentally stumbled upon the old ones. He found the right headphone wasn’t working at all and wouldn’t charge.

Step 3: The Fix

By looking on YouTube, Shannan found a video where someone cleared a small hole between the contacts and earpiece with a toothpick. Shannan gently cleared the hole on his right headphone with a pin, likening the process to gently cleaning a wound with a Q-tip.

Step 4: Charging and Updating

After clearing the hole, he plugged the headphones back into the charger, and within 10 minutes, the case was fully charged. The headphones worked flawlessly, and he updated the software on them, noticing that the new firmware seemed to slightly improve the sound quality.

Warning and Disclaimer

Shannan warned that this method could easily wreck the headphones if one is overzealous. He stated that if others try this fix, it’s on their own responsibility.


Shannan was able to repair the left Jabra 75T Elite headphone by carefully clearing a tiny hole with a pin. He expressed satisfaction with the results, wishing others good luck and signing off with a cheerful “Ciao!”