A Comprehensive Guide to Turning Off Instagram’s Suggested Posts

In the ever-evolving world of Instagram, one feature that has been a source of both delight and annoyance for users is the ‘Suggested Posts’. While these recommendations can sometimes lead to discovery of interesting content or profiles, they can also clutter your feed with unwanted posts. If you’ve found yourself in the latter category, this guide is for you! We’ll be exploring various methods to manage, reduce, or even temporarily eliminate these suggested posts from your Instagram feed.

Understanding Instagram’s Suggested Posts

Before diving into the solutions, let’s first understand what ‘Suggested Posts’ are. These are posts from accounts that you don’t follow, suggested by Instagram based on your activities and preferences on the platform. The algorithm considers factors like the posts you’ve liked or commented on, the accounts you follow, and even the popularity of a post to serve up these recommendations. However, as tailored as they may be, not everyone finds them useful.

Methods to Manage Instagram’s Suggested Posts

While Instagram doesn’t offer a permanent switch to turn off suggested posts, there are several ways to manage them and make your scrolling experience more enjoyable. Here are a few methods:

1. Temporarily Snooze Suggested Posts

This is probably the easiest and most straightforward method. Instagram allows users to ‘snooze’ all suggested posts for a period of 30 days. To do this, tap the ‘X’ button above a suggested post and then select the option to snooze all suggested posts for 30 days. This will not affect the ads or the posts from accounts you follow, but will give you a month-long break from suggestions.

2. Switching Your Feed to ‘Following’

This method involves changing the way your feed displays posts. By default, your feed is set to ‘Home’, which includes posts from accounts you follow as well as suggested posts. However, by switching it to ‘Following’, you can ensure that your feed only displays posts from accounts you follow, in reverse chronological order. To do this, tap on the Instagram logo at the top left corner of your screen, and then select ‘Following’.

3. Indicate ‘Not Interested’

If there’s a specific account that frequently appears in your suggested posts and you’re not interested, you can let Instagram know. To do this, tap the three dots next to the user’s name, select ‘Not Interested’, and Instagram will reduce the number of suggestions from that account.

Managing Other Types of Recommendations

In addition to suggested posts, Instagram also recommends ‘Reels’ and accounts to follow. These recommendations can also be managed or hidden using similar methods as above. Note that changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect and the list of words, emojis, or phrases you use to filter content won’t affect the posts of the users you follow.

In Conclusion

Instagram’s suggested posts feature is designed to enrich your experience on the platform by introducing you to new content and accounts. However, if you find these suggestions more distracting than useful, the methods outlined in this guide can help you manage them effectively. Remember, while you can’t permanently turn off suggested posts, these techniques can provide a more curated and enjoyable browsing experience.