How to Properly Adjust the Speed, Torque, and Clutch Settings on a DEWALT Cordless Drill

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Hi, my name’s Todd with DEWALT. This article is all about guiding you through the essential settings of your DEWALT cordless drill, focusing on how to adjust the speed, torque, and clutch. Please remember to consult the instruction manual for additional operating instructions and the proper personal protective equipment required for operating this tool. Make sure to comply with any job site or company-specific policies that may be in place.

Step-by-Step Process

1. Preparing the Tool

Before we begin, it’s vital to remove the battery so we can explore the different features of the tool safely. For this demonstration, we’ll use the DCD996 cordless premium hammer drill.

2. Understanding the Speed Selector Switch

The DEWALT cordless drill comes with a three-speed transmission, enabling various applications:

  • High Speed (Third Speed): Ideal for high-speed applications that require low torque.
  • Medium Speed (Second Speed): Suitable for applications that need more control and higher torque.
  • Low Speed (First Speed): Best for applications that demand the highest torque and control.

3. Adjusting the Clutch Collar

The clutch collar allows you to choose different resistance levels. Here’s how to utilize it:

  • Low Settings (1-3): Use these when you want very little resistance to stop the tool, like when installing small screws.
  • High Settings (4-11): Use these settings for more demanding applications that require more resistance.

4. Exploring the Drill and Hammer Drill Modes

These modes serve specific functions:

  • Drill Mode: It disables the clutch, allowing the tool to keep driving.
  • Hammer Drill Mode: Enables the tool to beat while spinning, suitable for masonry applications.

5. Installing the Side Handle

For safe operation with two hands, slide the side handle over the collar, twist it to tighten, and reinstall the battery.

Resources and Features

DCD996 Cordless Premium Hammer Drill:
An advanced drill driver that offers different features such as speed selection, clutch adjustment, and drill modes for versatile applications.

Speed Selector Switch:
It provides three-speed transmission for varying applications.

Clutch Collar:
Allows adjusting resistance settings, giving control over the tool’s functionality.

Side Handle:
Ensures safety and control during operations.


Thanks for reading this guide on how to adjust the speed, torque, and clutch settings on your DEWALT cordless drill. With these insights, you can master your tool’s functionality and tackle a range of tasks with confidence. Have a great day!