How to Use Echo as a Speaker Without Wi-Fi

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In today’s article, we will explore a common question that many users have: how to convert their Echo devices into Bluetooth speakers without Wi-Fi. This simple process will allow you to connect your Echo device to various devices such as a Fire Stick, cell phone, or Android TV box to enjoy high-quality sound. Whether you want to enhance your movie-watching experience or jam out to your favorite music, this feature is a must-know for Echo device owners.

Step 1: Put Your Echo Device into Pairing Mode

To begin, you need to put your Echo device into pairing mode. This can be done easily with a simple voice command. Once in pairing mode, your Echo device becomes discoverable and ready to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. Follow these steps to put your Echo device into pairing mode:

  1. For Amazon Fire Stick: Go to the settings section on your Fire TV stick by holding the home button and selecting “Settings.” Then, navigate to “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” and click on “Other Bluetooth Devices.” Select “Add Bluetooth Device” and wait for your Echo device to appear.
  2. For Cell Phone: Open the settings on your cell phone and go to the Bluetooth menu. Search for available devices and say the voice command, “Alexa, make yourself discoverable.” Your Echo device should appear in the list, and you can simply click on it to connect.
  3. For Android TV Box: Access the settings on your Android TV box and enable Bluetooth if it is not already enabled. Then, select to pair a new device and wait for your Echo device to appear. Once it shows up, click on it to establish the connection.

Step 2: Enjoy High-Quality Sound

Once your Echo device is successfully connected as a Bluetooth speaker, you can start enjoying the enhanced audio experience. The studio-quality speakers of the fourth-generation Echo devices provide excellent sound output, perfect for movies, TV shows, or music. If you connect multiple Echo devices or even add a subwoofer, you can create a truly immersive sound setup.

Connecting to a Fire Stick

If you have connected your Echo device to a Fire Stick, you can experience the incredible sound quality while streaming your favorite shows or movies. Simply launch an app or select a movie, and the audio will play through your Echo device, providing a remarkable listening experience.

Connecting to a Cell Phone

By connecting your cell phone to your Echo device, you can easily play music or any audio content directly from your phone. Whether you want to listen to your favorite playlist or enjoy a podcast, the Echo device serves as a convenient and high-performing Bluetooth speaker.

Connecting to an Android TV Box

Using an Android TV box offers a wide range of entertainment options, and connecting your Echo device to it ensures that you can enjoy outstanding audio quality. Whether you’re watching movies or live TV, the improved sound provided by your Echo device will greatly enhance your viewing experience.

Why Choose Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker?

There are several reasons why using your Echo device as a Bluetooth speaker is advantageous. Firstly, it saves you the expense of purchasing additional Bluetooth speakers because your Echo device can serve that purpose. Additionally, the sound quality delivered by Echo devices, especially the fourth-generation ones, is impressive and comparable to dedicated Bluetooth speakers. Lastly, the convenience and ease of use make it a practical solution for anyone with an Echo device.


In conclusion, transforming your Echo device into a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi is a straightforward process that offers numerous benefits. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can connect your Echo device to devices such as a Fire Stick, cell phone, or Android TV box to enjoy high-quality sound. Whether you’re watching movies, streaming music, or simply relaxing with your Echo device, you’ll be impressed by the immersive audio experience it provides. Take advantage of this feature and elevate your entertainment setup with your Echo device as a Bluetooth speaker.