How to Watch Videos in Your Car – YouTube, Netflix, Movies, and Use Android Auto Wirelessly

YouTube video

In this article, we will discuss a device called Otto Cash Play 2 that allows you to watch videos from YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms in your car, as well as use Android Auto wirelessly. This device can be a great addition to your vehicle if you have an Android auto or Apple CarPlay compatible screen. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how this device works and its benefits.

Key Points:
– Otto Cash Play 2 is a device that allows you to watch YouTube, Netflix, and other videos on the screen of your vehicle.
– It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, providing wireless connectivity.
– With Android Auto, you can duplicate your mobile system onto the car screen, allowing you to use apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps, and Spotify while driving.
– Apple CarPlay offers similar features for iOS users.
– The device eliminates the need for cables, making it more convenient to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay while driving.
– Otto Cash Play 2 also supports features like video playback from USB flash drives and hands-free calling.
– The device is relatively affordable, priced at around 160 euros on Amazon.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Compatibility: Before considering the Otto Cash Play 2 device, ensure that your car’s screen supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This device is specifically designed for screens that already have these features.

  2. Setup: Once you have confirmed compatibility, connect the Otto Cash Play 2 device to your car’s screen. You will need to plug in a USB cable from the device to the charging port of your mobile phone.

  3. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: With the device connected, you can now enjoy the features of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay wirelessly. These features allow you to use apps like Google Maps, Spotify, and WhatsApp in a driver-friendly interface on your car’s screen.

  4. Wireless Convenience: The advantage of the Otto Cash Play 2 device is that it eliminates the need for constantly plugging and unplugging your mobile phone. You can simply leave your phone on a shelf or in a storage area, and it will connect wirelessly to the device.

  5. Additional Features: Aside from Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the device also supports video playback from USB flash drives. This means you can store videos or movies on a flash drive and play them directly on your car’s screen. It also enables hands-free calling, allowing you to make and receive calls without touching your phone.

Overall, the Otto Cash Play 2 device provides a convenient solution for using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay wirelessly in your car. It eliminates the hassle of cables and offers additional features like video playback and hands-free calling. With its relatively affordable price and compatibility with popular car screens, it is a device worth considering for anyone who wants to enhance their car’s multimedia capabilities.

Remember, this device is not limited to teleshopping purposes. The author of the article personally uses and recommends the Otto Cash Play 2 based on their positive experience with it.