Install Car Alarm Remote Start – Wire Preparation Guide for Honda Odyssey 2012 (Transcript)

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Installing a remote start in your vehicle can be a complex task if you’re not experienced with car installations. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to install a remote start system in a Honda Odyssey 2012. We will break down the process into three parts to make it easier to follow.

Part 1: Choosing the Right Alarm System

When selecting an alarm system, it is essential to consider the brand and features you need. The Audiovox Prestige APS997E is a popular choice for its reliability and functionality. However, to enable remote start, you will also need a bypass module to bypass the car’s immobilizer system.

Part 2: Understanding the Alarm System Components

The Audiovox Prestige APS997E alarm system comes with various components, including the brain control module, remote controls, antenna, valet switch, LED status, and wiring harnesses. Familiarize yourself with these components, as you will need to connect them correctly during installation.

Part 3: Preparing the Wiring

Before starting the installation process, it is crucial to gather information about your specific vehicle’s wiring. Refer to the wiring diagram provided by the alarm system manufacturer and the specific wiring sheet for your vehicle, which identifies the starter wire, 12-volt constant wire, ignition wire, and door lock wire.

It is essential to test all the wires before connecting them to ensure accuracy, as the information provided by the alarm company may not always be correct.

Prepping the Alarm Wiring

To prepare the alarm wiring, start with the wiring harnesses. Separate the wires you will need from the ones you won’t use, as indicated on the wiring diagram. Bundle up the unused wires neatly, without cutting them, in case you need them in the future.

Using zip ties or electrical tape, secure the wires to avoid a tangled mess of wires under the dash, which can be a fire hazard.

Prepping the Bypass Module Wiring

Just like the alarm system wiring, the wiring for the bypass module is straightforward. Consult the wiring diagram specific to your vehicle and connect all the black wires on the right side of the module. Bundle up any unused wires to keep the installation clean and organized.


In this installation guide, we have covered the wire preparation process for installing a car alarm remote start system in a Honda Odyssey 2012. It is important to thoroughly research and understand the instructions and wiring diagrams provided by the alarm system and bypass module manufacturers.

By following these steps and taking the necessary precautions, you can successfully install a remote start system in your vehicle. Stay tuned for the next two parts of this installation series, where we will cover the complete wiring process and discuss bypass module protocols and brands in detail.

Remember, if you’re not confident in your abilities, it is always recommended to seek professional help for installations to avoid damaging your vehicle.