Latest Jeep SRT Warranty Issue: GPS Navigation Not Working

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In this article, we will discuss a recent warranty issue faced by Jeep SRT owners – the GPS navigation system not working properly. Owning a used Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT can come with its own set of challenges, and it’s essential to be aware of potential problems that may arise. We will delve into the various warranty issues experienced by the author, including carbon fiber trim peeling, headlight failure, blower motor failure, door actuator issues, water pump failure, hinge failure, and more. Additionally, we will explore the specific problem of the GPS navigation system malfunctioning and how it has become a source of frustration for many Jeep SRT owners.

Warranty Issues with Jeep SRT

When purchasing a used Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, it is vital to be knowledgeable about potential warranty issues. The author brings attention to several problems they have encountered with their vehicle. The carbon fiber trim, for instance, has peeled twice within a span of only three years. Additionally, there have been instances of headlights going bad, blower motor failure, and door actuator failures. The water pump and fuel door hinge have also caused problems for the author. Another issue highlighted is the poor quality of the OEM spider monkeys around the center caps, which started to bubble up within six months of use.

The author further notes that the body lines of the Jeep SRT are not flush and fail to meet the expected quality standards. These issues can be a cause of frustration for potential buyers and existing owners of the Jeep SRT, as they expect better durability and reliability from their vehicles.

GPS Navigation System Failure

Recently, the author faced yet another headache with their Jeep SRT – the GPS navigation system stopped working. The author shares their experience of contacting customer support, only to be instructed to bring the vehicle to the dealership for further assessment. However, they express their concern about potential expenses and dissatisfaction with the warranty coverage.

To demonstrate the problem, the author turns on the vehicle and attempts to use the GPS navigation system. But to their surprise, the screen displays zero signal and shows them located near water, even though they are nowhere near any bodies of water. The GPS menu confirms that there is no signal being received from any satellites, indicating a malfunction in the system. This issue adds to the list of warranty problems experienced by the author, and they express disappointment in the reliability of their Jeep SRT.

Resolving the GPS Navigation Issue

To address the GPS navigation system problem, the author plans to take their vehicle to the dealership for servicing. However, they anticipate that this problem might not be covered under their max care plan warranty. Frustration builds as the author contemplates trading in their Jeep SRT, even though it is only three years old. They argue that for the amount of money they paid for the vehicle, it should not have so many recurring issues. The author highlights their dissatisfaction with the overall quality and reliability of the Jeep SRT, emphasizing that these problems undermine the otherwise enjoyable experience of owning the vehicle.


In conclusion, the warranty issues faced by Jeep SRT owners can be a cause of great frustration. From carbon fiber trim peeling to GPS navigation system failure, the author outlines various problems they have encountered with their vehicle. The inadequate quality control and reliability concerns have disappointed many Jeep SRT owners, leading them to question their decision to purchase the vehicle. The hope is that by shedding light on these issues, potential buyers and the manufacturer will prioritize addressing these problems, ensuring a more satisfying ownership experience for Jeep SRT owners.