Phytech Pivot Mobile App: A Complete Guide

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In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of using the Phytech Pivot Mobile App. Developed by Phytech Support, this app provides valuable insights into the stress levels of various locations in your area. By utilizing the sensors attached to the plants, the app determines the water stress levels and offers site-specific weather forecasts and planning tools for irrigation.

Understanding the Opening Screen

Once you open the Phytech Pivot Mobile App, you will be presented with the opening screen. Here, you can choose the specific area you want to focus on. The stress level of each location is indicated, and the entire pivot’s color corresponds to the most stressed location. There are five levels of water stress represented by different colors, ranging from yield-affecting stress to optimal and high water availability.

Additionally, the app provides real-time and historical stress levels, allowing you to monitor the changes and patterns over time.

Analyzing the Pivot Arm and Irrigation Path

The pivot arm plays a crucial role in the irrigation process, and the app provides helpful visual indicators for its movements. When the pivot arm is resting, it appears black. However, when it is in motion, it turns white. By observing the pivot arm’s position, you can gain insights into the irrigation activity.

Furthermore, the app displays the irrigation path, helping you track the pivot’s movement across different locations. This feature allows you to determine the amount of irrigation applied to each area, aiding in better water management strategies.

Utilizing the Site-Specific Weather Forecasts

The Phytech Pivot Mobile App also provides users with site-specific weather forecasts. By accessing this information, you can plan your irrigation activities accordingly. Understanding the local weather conditions can help you optimize water usage and promote more efficient crop growth.

Exploring the Climate History

To make informed decisions regarding irrigation, it is vital to have access to historical climate data. The Phytech Pivot Mobile App allows you to view the climate history for your chosen area. By analyzing past weather patterns, you can detect trends and make adjustments to your irrigation plans, thereby optimizing water usage and increasing crop productivity.

Planning Tool for Irrigation

The planning tool within the Phytech Pivot Mobile App is an invaluable resource for scheduling your irrigation activities. By visualizing future stress levels, you can plan ahead and anticipate the water needs of your crops. The tool allows you to view the expected stress levels under the assumption of zero irrigation. Based on this information, you can either postpone or advance a planned irrigation to ensure optimal crop health.

Additional Features: Phi Tech Desktop App

In addition to the mobile app, Phytech Support also offers the Phi Tech Desktop App. This desktop application contains even more information and functionalities for managing your irrigation activities effectively. By using both the mobile and desktop apps in conjunction, you can maximize your understanding of the stress levels and irrigation needs of your crops.


The Phytech Pivot Mobile App is a powerful tool for both novice and expert farmers alike. By providing comprehensive insights into water stress levels, site-specific weather forecasts, and planning tools, the app empowers users to make informed decisions about their irrigation practices. By optimizing water usage and promoting healthier crop growth, farmers can enhance their productivity and ultimately ensure the long-term sustainability of their agricultural operations. Download the app today and join the community of farmers utilizing technology to revolutionize irrigation practices.