**Radio Reset Code in 5 Minutes for a 2001+ Honda CRV CR-V Accord Civic Pilot Element Odyssey Insight**

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Have you ever faced the issue of your Honda CRV radio not working after replacing or draining the battery? If yes, then you might have come across a security system message on your radio screen saying “Code.” In this article, we will guide you on how to reset the radio code without paying any dealer fees. Follow these simple steps to fix your radio and enjoy uninterrupted music and broadcasts.

Step 1: Check for the Code

If you have a 2002 or newer Honda CRV, the radio code should be written on the glove box or on the side of the glove box compartment. Additionally, check your car’s manual or any documentation that came with the vehicle when you bought it, as someone might have written down the code there. For older models like the 2001 CRV and earlier, the code may be located in different places, so make sure to check thoroughly.

Step 2: Resetting the Radio Code

  1. Turn on your car and wait for the “Code” message to appear on the radio display.
  2. Shut off the car and make sure the radio is off as well.
  3. Turn the car back on, but before turning on the radio, press and hold down the 1 and 6 keys simultaneously.
  4. While holding the 1 and 6 keys, press the power button to turn on the radio.
  5. Keep holding the 1 and 6 keys until the serial code appears on the display. Ignore any letters and note down the seven-digit serial number.

Step 3: Obtaining the Radio Code

To obtain the radio code, you need to visit the website radio-navicode.honda.com. Enter the serial number you obtained from the previous step, as well as your car’s VIN number. The website will generate one or two radio codes for you to use.

Step 4: Entering the Code

  1. Turn on your car and wait for the “Code” message to appear on the radio display.
  2. Use the radio preset buttons to enter the code obtained from the website. Each digit of the code should correspond to a preset button (e.g., 3 for the first digit, 1 for the second digit, and 3 for the third digit).
  3. Once the correct code is entered, press the “FM/AM” or “Enter” button to confirm.

Congratulations! Your Honda CRV radio is now reset, and you can enjoy your favorite music and radio stations without any issues.

Using this method, you can save yourself from paying unnecessary dealer fees to retrieve the radio code. It is a quick, easy, and free solution that works on Honda CRVs from 2002 and beyond.

Why Dealers Don’t Share This Procedure

It’s puzzling why dealerships don’t inform their customers about this simple process to reset the radio code. Perhaps, they want to generate revenue by charging for what can be done for free. However, with this step-by-step guide, you can avoid the hassle and expense of going to a dealer.

Feel free to share this information with other Honda owners, as they might find it useful in case they face a similar situation. Losing battery power is a common occurrence, but now you have the knowledge to resolve it on your own.

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