Fixing the 58″ ROKU TV by SHARP Black Screen (LC-58R6003U)

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A sudden black screen issue can be troublesome for TV owners. Fortunately, Newsons Electronics has provided a comprehensive guide to fix the 58″ ROKU TV by SHARP, which went black suddenly while still having sound. Below, we’ll explore the key steps, resources, and insights to restore your TV back to normal.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Black Screen

1. Remove the Legs and Plastic Back Case

Removing the legs of the TV will enable you to take off the plastic back case. This process will give you access to the inside of the TV.

2. Inspect and Clean the Inside

Inside, you will find the main board (responsible for processing), power supply board, and the t-con board. Interestingly, sawdust might be present, requiring vacuuming.

3. Testing the Cable and Backlights

A small cable that goes to your main power supply board should be tested using an LED tester. This device is handy for testing the backlight. If the voltage fluctuates, it indicates a shorted LED in the back.

4. Removing the Screen

Removing connectors, ribbon cables, screws, and plastic cases allows for the screen to be flipped over. Two red suction cups are necessary to remove the LCD without breaking it.

5. Testing and Replacing Broken LEDs

You can test each LED strip by injecting some voltage. Broken LEDs will appear black, requiring removal with snippet tools and replacement with new LEDs. Heat gun and shoe glue may be used to secure the new LEDs.

6. Testing the Repair and Reassembly

Before reassembling everything, turn the TV on to verify that all lights are working. If successful, put everything back together.

7. Adjust Backlight Settings

To prevent future breakages, reduce the backlight voltage or brightness in the settings by around 50%.

List of Resources and Their Function

  • LED Tester: Handy device for testing the backlight.
  • Snippet Tools: Used for removing the old LED.
  • Heat Gun: Utilized to secure the new LEDs.
  • Suction Cups: Essential for removing the LCD without damage.
  • Shoe Glue: Used to glue on the light diffuser back.


Fixing the Sharp Roku TV black screen with sound issue can be done with some careful observation and the right tools. The step-by-step guide provided by Newsons Electronics has made it easy to diagnose and rectify the problem. By following these instructions and taking proper precautions, you can bring your TV back to life and ensure its longevity by adjusting the settings.