Sonos Beam Alexa Issues: A Simple Fix for Sonos Not Working with Spotify and Alexa

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Are you having trouble connecting your Sonos system with Alexa and the Spotify music app? It can be quite frustrating when you want to play music and nothing seems to work. But don’t worry, we have a simple fix for you that should work for the majority of users. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process to resolve this issue and get your Sonos system working seamlessly with Alexa and Spotify.

Step 1: Access Your Amazon Account

To begin, open your Amazon account either on your mobile device or computer. Click on the “Account” tab, and then scroll down to find the “Content and Devices” section.

Step 2: Navigate to Devices

Within the “Content and Devices” section, you’ll see several tabs at the top. Click on the “Devices” tab to proceed.

Step 3: Locate Your Sonos Devices

Scroll all the way down until you find your Sonos devices listed under the “Other devices” category.

Step 4: De-register Your Sonos Devices

Click on each Sonos device that appears and de-register it from your Amazon account. This step is crucial to ensure a clean re-registration process later on.

Step 5: Open the Sonos App

Now, go back to the Sonos app on your device.

Step 6: Access Services and Voice Settings

Within the Sonos app, click on the “Services” and “Voice” options. This will allow you to access your Amazon settings.

Step 7: Remove Alexa Devices

In the Amazon settings, click on the “Amazon Alexa” option. You will see a list of devices that are linked to Alexa. Click on each device and remove it from the list.

Step 8: Re-install Alexa

Once you have removed all the Alexa devices, it’s time to re-install them. To do this, select “Add Voice Assist” and scroll to find “Amazon Alexa”. Follow the same process as before to link your Sonos devices with Alexa.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the Sonos connectivity issues with Alexa and Spotify. This method has proven successful for many users, and we hope it helps you as well.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing problems with your Sonos system not working with Spotify and Alexa, this simple fix can save you from the frustration of not being able to play your favorite music. By de-registering and re-registering your Sonos and Alexa devices, you can establish a clean connection between them and enjoy seamless music streaming. Remember to follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this article for a successful resolution of your issue.

Don’t let the technical glitches get in the way of your music enjoyment. Try this simple fix today and get back to enjoying your Sonos system with Spotify and Alexa!