Sonos Beam Alexa Not Responding: Fixing the Issue with Spotify Connectivity

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Are you experiencing trouble with your Sonos device not connecting properly to Alexa and the Spotify music app? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many users have encountered this annoying issue, but fortunately, there is a simple fix that may work for you. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of resolving the Sonos not working with Spotify & Alexa problem.

Step 1: Accessing Your Amazon Account Settings

To begin, open your Amazon account on your mobile phone. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Account” tab. Scroll down to find the “Content and Devices” section and click on it.

Step 2: Navigating to the Devices Section

After clicking on “Content and Devices,” you will be directed to a new page with multiple tabs at the top. Look for the “Devices” tab and click on it. This will take you to a list of all your registered devices, including your Sonos devices.

Step 3: De-registering Sonos Devices

In the list of devices, locate the Sonos device that is causing the issue. Click on it to view the device details. Scroll down and find the option to “de-register” the device from your Amazon account. Repeat this process for each Sonos device that is linked to your account.

Step 4: Re-accessing the Sonos App

Return to the Sonos app and navigate to the “Services” and “Voice” sections. Here, you will find the settings related to your Amazon account.

Step 5: Removing Alexa from Sonos

Click on the “Amazon Alexa” option and proceed by selecting the speakers that are linked to your Alexa. Once you have selected them, delete the devices by removing them from the Alexa integration.

Step 6: Re-installing Alexa

After removing the devices, it’s time to reinstall Alexa. Click on “Add Voice Assist” and scroll until you find “Amazon Alexa.” Follow the prompts to reconnect Alexa to your Sonos system. This process will essentially re-register your Amazon account with the Sonos app.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue of Sonos not working with Spotify & Alexa. By de-registering and re-registering your Sonos devices and Alexa, you are re-establishing their connection and enabling seamless integration.

Remember, this fix might not work for everyone, but it has proven successful for a majority of users. If you’re still facing difficulties, it may be helpful to contact Sonos customer support for further assistance.

In conclusion, encountering issues with Sonos connectivity to Spotify and Alexa can be frustrating. However, with the steps outlined in this article, you can troubleshoot and resolve the problem on your own. Enjoy the convenience of accessing and controlling your music seamlessly through your Sonos system using Alexa and Spotify.