How to Download the Spectrum TV App on Your LG TV through Roku

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One of the prominent ways that people are cutting costs on their cable bill is by leveraging the Spectrum TV app. While most would think the app is limited to certain TV brands, this guide showcases a unique method to get the Spectrum TV app on any LG TV, saving you the monthly rental for a cable box.

Saving Money with the Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV app has revolutionized how users watch cable television, removing the need for a physical cable box. While the only TV brand that could initially download the app was a newer Samsung TV, there is an alternative way to get around this limitation.

  • Cost-Effective: By using the Spectrum TV app instead of renting a box, users can save money every month.
  • Compatibility: The app can be accessed on LG TVs through a Roku device, breaking the brand barrier.

Roku Device: Your Gateway to Spectrum TV on LG

To watch Spectrum TV on an LG TV, all you need is a Roku device. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Purchase a Roku Device: Any Roku device will work for this purpose. Plug the device into the HDMI port on your TV.
  2. Download the Spectrum TV App: Navigate to the Roku main streaming player on your TV, then download the free Spectrum TV app.

There are several Roku devices available, and links to some of the best options can be found in the description of the original YouTube video by Juan Camacho.

Step-by-Step Process: Installing Spectrum TV App on Roku

  1. Search for Spectrum: Go to ‘Search’ on your Roku device and type in ‘Spectrum’. The Spectrum TV option will pop up.
  2. Add Channel: Click on the Spectrum logo and then click ‘Add Channel’.
  3. Load the Channel: Depending on your internet speed, the channel will load, and you’ll receive a confirmation.
  4. Go to Channel: You can navigate to the channel and begin watching.


This guide reveals how you can break the brand limitations and get the Spectrum TV app on any LG TV through a Roku device. If you found this information helpful, please subscribe to Juan Camacho’s tech videos for more content like this.