Step by Step Guide Upgrading Grid Infrastructure RAC Database Silent Upgrade from 12 2 0 1 to 19 3

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In this article, we will discuss how to upgrade the grid infrastructure and RAC database from version to 19.3 using the silent upgrade method. While the previous video demonstrated the upgrade using the GUI-based method, this tutorial will focus on the silent method for situations where restricted access is available.

Before we proceed, it is assumed that the patch 28553832 has been applied to the Oracle 12c home. Additionally, we will download and unzip the grid software on the first node only.

  1. Preparation:
  2. Ensure you have sufficient free space (33GB) in the mount points for the grid homes.
  3. Verify the kernel version, updated RPMs, and minimum RHL7 requirement for the OS.

  4. Configuring Grid Infrastructure:

  5. Copy the unzipped grid software to the first node.
  6. Modify the response file to specify the installation options.
  7. Create a response file with the required configurations.
  8. Verify the cluster configuration using the cluster verification utility.

  9. Dry Run:

  10. Run the dry run script on the first node.
  11. Copy the software to the second node.
  12. Address any permission issue with root scripts (bug in the upgrade).
  13. Run the dry run upgrade script and ignore any prerequisite failures.

Note: The dry run is essential to identify any issues or warnings before the actual upgrade.

  1. Actual Upgrade:
  2. Modify the response file for the actual upgrade.
  3. Run the upgrade script using the modified response file.
  4. Validate the permissions of root scripts and make necessary changes.

Note: This is the crucial step where the actual upgrade takes place. Ensure all prerequisites are met.

  1. Post-Upgrade Checks:
  2. Verify the log files for successful completion.
  3. Check the permissions of script and modify if necessary.
  4. Perform cluster entities validation to ensure readiness for the upgrade.

  5. Additional Considerations:

  6. Backup your database and grid infrastructure before the upgrade.
  7. Test the upgrade process in a non-production environment before executing it in production.
  8. Monitor the upgrade progress and address any errors or issues promptly.

By following these steps, you can upgrade your grid infrastructure and RAC database from version to 19.3 using the silent upgrade method. It is crucial to carefully review the prerequisites and ensure a proper backup before proceeding with the upgrade.

Remember, the silent upgrade method may be more complex and tiresome compared to the GUI-based method. However, it is suitable for situations where restricted access is available. If possible, it is recommended to use the GUI-based method for an easier learning experience.

By upgrading to the latest version, you can benefit from new features, improved performance, and security enhancements offered by Oracle. Take the necessary precautions, test the upgrade process, and ensure you have a well-planned rollback strategy in case of any unforeseen issues.

With proper preparation and execution, you can smoothly upgrade your grid infrastructure and RAC database, keeping your systems up to date and optimized.