Eskie’s Experience with Sylvania Funai LCD HDTV: A Detailed Review

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In this detailed review, we will explore Eskie Wolf’s experience with a Sylvania Funai LCD HDTV, model number LC190SL1. Purchased from a goodwill shop, Eskie shares his thoughts, first impressions, and tests of the HDTV. A combination of excitement and disappointment, this review provides an in-depth look at the television’s features and performance.

The Discovery and First Impressions

all right, Eskie discovered the Sylvania HDTV in a goodwill shop for $20. At first glance, the television seemed like a bargain, especially given its HDMI, Dolby Digital, and Energy Star features. However, Eskie was quick to express his dissatisfaction with the purchase:

  • Brand Deception: Though branded as Sylvania, it appears to be a Funai build.
  • Cheap Construction: Eskie commented that it felt “el cheapo” and not the true Sylvania quality of years past.
  • Multiple Ports: Despite his initial disappointment, Eskie did notice the TV’s multiple HDMI ports and computer RGB input, which sparked his interest in using it as a computer monitor.

The Testing and Performance

Eager to test the Sylvania Funai LCD HDTV, Eskie proceeded to hook it up and examine its performance:

  • Initial Power Up: The TV powered on with a red standby light and switched to green upon activation. The “no signal” message appeared, which was expected.
  • Connection Issues: Eskie faced difficulties connecting a Blu-ray player, resorting to using a Zenith LG VCS 442 and a test tape.
  • Picture Quality: Upon testing, the picture appeared stretched, and Eskie struggled to adjust it. Though he deemed it “doable,” he found the display unsatisfactory.
  • Potential Use as a Computer Monitor: Despite the subpar performance, Eskie concluded that the TV might be suitable as a computer monitor.

The Final Verdict

In the end, Eskie’s experience with the Sylvania Funai build LCD HDTV was a mixed bag. The low price and potential use as a computer monitor were positives, but the perceived low quality and disappointing performance left much to be desired. This review serves as an honest insight into an affordable, branded HDTV that may not live up to expectations.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Sylvania Funai LCD HDTV (LC190SL1): An affordable HDTV with multiple HDMI ports, Dolby Digital, and Energy Star features, but questionable quality.
  2. Zenith LG VCS 442: Used for testing, it is a VCR system that Eskie connected to the TV.
  3. Goodwill Shop: Where Eskie purchased the TV.